Type of inspection camera?

Hi guys! Just wondering what type of cameras everyone is using these days. I have been using the Fuji xp waterproof for three years now but running into problems. Wondering if it might be time to trade up?!

Welcome to our forum, Jeff!..Enjoy! :smile:

When I was active, I used several different brands and I don’t remember what they were.

But, others will be along to help with their opinions, soon.


Thank you Larry!

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Welcome aboard, Jeff! I currently use my Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.


Welcome Jeff, I just use my iPhone camera.


Thank you sir! I’m a Samsung guy myself but I’m also a phone killer! Ha! These waterproof cameras have been serving me well until recently. One problem after another, but I’d still rather kill a $175 camera than a phone. I’m trying to get pumped up enough to use the tablet I got, but I’m old and slow. Haaa! Thanks a lot though!

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I hear ya! I was once hard on phones as well. However, a good rugged waterproof case seems to be working for me. My previous phone survived without damages! :smile:


I use a Nikon Coolpix S10. This is a 2005 camera and my second. First lasted 15 years but the CCD sensor failed this year, bought another on Ebay i liked it so much, 10 times optical zoom and a rotating lens assembly lets you point just about anywhere. Fits in my shirt pocket (instead of just dangling off the neck strap).

Back up camera is a Nikon Coolpix P100. 26x optical zoom, but bigger than the S10. Has a folding display to aid visibility up or down and a viewfinder for bright sunlight (when the display is washed out).


When I needed a backup i have also just used my phone.


Awesome! Thanks for your input!

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Sony Cyber-shot HX350 20.4MP 50x Optical Zoom Digital Camera. Very nice Camera.

Junior I am owed just under $4,500 dollars I have been fighting to get back from Virgin and Bell mobility. Both Mobile phones I had to return.
Happy your phone works.

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I purchase directly from Samsung, and have never had trouble with my phones.

I don’t deal with Virgin or Bell Mobility, not that it has anything to do with the quality of the phone. Hope you get your money back.

I also have a Canon SX620HS, 20.2 mega pixels, 25X optical zoom, for a backup camera.


One of the things infrequently discussed is how you will deliver your pictures. By that I mean size. Large megapixel cameras are great if your going to print your pictures. They allow a great amount of enlargement. For a home inspection report that is not needed. In fact for anything you are going to display on the web or simply on a laptop or monitor less resolution is better for storage and transmission reasons. Home Gauge Companion software for your portable (phone) device cautions that " Photo resolution should be around 1 megapixel, or around 1280x720" In Maryland I need to store all my reports and supporting documentation for 5 years. That builds up quickly!

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I use the Kodak ProPix because of the 40X zoom.

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Peter inspects his houses from a block away! :grinning:


My phone has up to 100x zoom. :smile:


That makes it pretty loud doesn’t it? Modern 'Boom-Box"


Fuji film XP 120/130 are still the best for the money.

I tested out Nikons rugged/waterproof camera and found it inferior.

Now I just buy a couple xp120/130 at a time cuz they last around 9 months.

The iPhone takes worthy pictures as well on days that I use my phone and HG app (seldom).

I use my Fuji XP for all my inspections. It’s built well and handles the rain well. Nice zoom and easy to maneuver around the menu.

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Guys quit playing around with those toy cameras and get one like mine.


Yes, I have one of these cameras in my toolbox, It rides well in the bed of my truck, it has a nice rugged case. Highly Recommended,