Type of outlet???

Is the type of outlet used for medical equipment? I dont recall seeing this style before. I know somewhere in the archives someone posted a list of outlet types.

I added the FPE panel because I thought the pond next to the FPE was a classic combo. So much for proper panel clearance.



It’s a Single 15 ampere 250 volt rated receptacle.

Other than the water/electricity conflict, I have to say that is some pretty ugly stone work. I would go over this area very thoughly as it looks rather amaturish.


The potential new owner is planning on tearing out. I was glad to hear this.

Your right the stone looked bad. There where some nice looking sea shells at the fountain part.




from the photo, couldn’t it be a 30 amp 250v?


looks like a typical 250vac a/c outlet for an in wall unit.

Yes, but the receptacle would be larger. See the diagram that I attached from the NECH.