Type of plumbing pipe

What type of pipe are these. I saw them in a house for heat and for water supply

It says Pex on it: :grin: :+1: :flushed:


Yeah, but what kind of pipe is it ?? :flushed:

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Check this orange piping for KITEC brand. Search for identification markings.

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plastic ----


Yep, that’s the stuff. It is usually clearly printed on the piping & connectors. It is not too common around my area but I still find it occasionally.

There is also PVC piping

SDR 9 PEX” (IPEX) Potable Water Pipe.

Kitec tubing. Suspect.

Just my 2 cents

Thank you all for your help. Contractors in the past went into the home, did their work, but left so many disconnected pipes behind. It even has remains of gas piping for the dryer.

It now has cast iron (for sewer), black iron, copper, and pex of apparently of different types.

A nightmare to go through.

Thanks again!