type x gypsum on exterior walls

I am doing a research project involving the use of type x gypsum and densglass being used on exterior walls of residential houses and whether or not this is the answer to “fireproofing” the house. I have had the misfortune of working with the stuff and would really like to be able to prove that it is not if at all possible. Does anyone know of any reputable websites that may contain material I can use to make this point?

Chris could you explain more about why you dislike type X and how about type C?

Never cut the stuff myself however please describe your experience.

Its not so much the cutting and working with it that I dislike (as unpleasant as it is it seems every job has some downsides), I just noticed that whenever the sheets got wet the nails would pop through the paper and would not be holding as well as the nailing patterns required. This seemed somewhat structurally unsound to me. Also it seems like the rigidity of the gypsum would be no where near to that of osb and felt like the wall could rack out of square quite easily. Any type of gypsum seemed to pose this problem not necessarily just type x. I may be way off base here but these are just a few of the questions I had.

and thanks a lot for the links