types of inspections

as a new professional inspector in Texas I am trying to find a list of inspections I can legally do. i.e. phase inspections on new construction, can I do inspections for banks on closing etc. what types of inspections may I perform as a TREC pro inspector.

read/understand trec rules
some of what you note is outside the scope/control of trec
as long as client is aware or furnishes their required form all is good, unless trec decides to change their tampon
contact trec for specifics, depending on the lunar phase or whatever they use to make decisions, differing answers will appear

You are asking a “legal” question that involves your State issued license. Answers for what your license allows you to “legally” do under the license can be found in the State laws and rules for the license which you can view here TREC Rules And Laws WEB Page . Any questions regarding the “legal” aspects of your license should be directed to TREC and/or your Attorney.

I see you’re not new to the Texas Laws Rodeo being a licensed Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Contractor. The laws for your Professional Inspector license should not be difficult to interpret.