Typical Pocono Distrobution Panel

Nothing much for today :roll:… just some double taps, SE crimp missing protective covering (sorry I don’t know the professional term) … had a set of stairs that would of been great in the stair episode for NACHI TV.

Time for bed, BNI meeting first thing at 7am , and an inspection right after. I’m sure there will be more “goodies” to post.

Yea yea Proof reading my title would of helped! Distribution

ROFL, the util crimps are beautiful!!!


wow the stars are big in the night sky of …PA

Humm i think it is the time to bring the welder lens out soon will have uncontrolable welding going on.

really the POCO should have the H Tap sleeved rightaway after they get done with it. it only take few extra seconds instead of fixing the whole mess later when the service drop get smoked pretty hard.

most service drop are unfused only thing will protect them is the transformer primary fuse but there is no fuse on secondary side and i did see aftermath with service drop burn up like sonvagunner.

Merci, Marc

Glad you find it amusing! :mad:
:wink: Figured I’d make your day. lol

Yea, You should see the size of the pigeon poop! … and they say everythings bigger in Texas:roll: :mrgreen: … did I mention I’m sick of snow?

defered to local utility company including utility Co. phone number … let’s see how long it takes them to respond. They don’t consider it an emergancy until something bad happens.

yeahhh right some of the POCO are pretty much " escargot " that i know for sure lol

Merci, Marc

In my experience in Tucson they will respond immediately. I think it is because once they are notified of the hazard, if anything were to happen they would be in hot water.

Think of a kid or someone crawling up onto the roof, pulling themselves up with the service mast while brushing against the live connector.

In your particular case, they would be called Ampact covers.

Unfortunately, MetEd tends to respond when they feel like it.
I notified them and explained the situation to the home owner. He was calling the utility co. as well. This is te third house with the same problem in this particular development … the one I live in. This is also the third client that I told I actually live here and to call if they have any problems getting this repaired.
Luckily no one in this family is about to climb onto the roof, but that still does not diminish the danger in this situation.

Thanks Mark, I owe ya a coffee/beer your choice if you are ever in my neck of the sticks. :slight_smile:
Wow I just realized I’ll be bankrupt if everyone I promised a beer was to collect in the same month! :shock:

Just buy Old Milwaukee!