U S Army Corps of Engineers, water and pests can EASILY enter duh basement

Bowed foundation wall, stair-step crack(s), vertical crack(s), horizontal crack…water and pests can easily enter through these ‘exterior cracks’

The inward bowing of a basement wall is the simplest indication of a lateral pressure problem…along the length of the wall the maximum bowing will often occur near the center…most common crack problem 45 degree angle…long horizontal crack…vertical crack

Something like this…

3 sump pumps and an interior system previously installed, did squat to relieve/reduce any lateral pressure and of course did NOT waterproof the EXTERIOR cracks

And something like this…
Exterior corner crack, long horizontal crack, vertical cracks etc…water and pests were EASILY entering, efflorescence etc.

And something like this…
Bowed wall, some blocks deteriorating,multiple openings etc.

Hairline stair-step crack,corner crack etc

None of these problems,causes can be fixed,repaired on the INSIDE people, friggin zerooooooooo, none,nada,zilch.

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Excessive lateral pressure can affect the overall integrity of a house. Severe damage results in a visible opening between the superstructure and the top of the basement wall…

…a basement wall supports an adjacent mass of soil, preventing the soil from entering the basement.THEREFORE, the weight of the retained soil mass induces lateral pressure on the basement wall

…we observed and homeowners described evidence of water buildup that included spurting,dripping,dampness or efflorescence. Other homeowners described leakage during rain events, in the crawl space and around WALL ANCHORS

Bubba like spurting, instead of water how 'bout milk.
And what is this use of the word ‘event’…a rain event. It friggin RAINED!

How can sooo many MISS, not give a shtt etc, that these inside system companies have NEVER fixed/waterproofed any existing exterior cracks,never stopped water from entering through them,never helped relieve-removed any lateral soil pressure…and so on.

Why is this all seemingly a-ok with the media, with most city inspectors,many home inspectors(ah but only a few Nachi don’t get it…right? lol). The media and of course the inside system owners/salespeople constantly tout themselves as EXPERTS…how the fkkkk is that possible!!! And the Better Business Bureau kissing many of these companies azz’z, lolOLOlOlOLOlLLLL

Duh Better SCAMMING Bureau gives many of these inside system company terds an A+…just because they PAY them, some have multiple listings ON PURPOSE in order to pay the BBB moooore! Have no doubt they rub elbows and azz’z together, god i hate em!
Inside system companies having 20,30,50+++ homeowner complaints every 1–2-3 years…at least!!! And some homeowners, what the fc are you doing,thinking when you hire these terds!!! As Gomer Pyle used ta say, shame,shame,shame on you too.

Here’s Gomer… http://www.tripletsandus.com/80s/wav/shame.wav

LOL It happens all the time, duh morons.

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