U.S.-China climate deal

That’s nice Roy.

I’ve been called that by a much better class of people than you.

Thanks for the upgrade liar.:roll:

Yep I just post information and let people see the whole report .
I do not try to influence others on my strings .
I try to supply information and facts only .

MICHAEL always tries to make the governments look bad .
Gee Michael if you think I am doing some thing wrong you should report me to the authorities .
You call it a CRAP we sorry you are again lying ,it is a full report.

You really don’t get it do you Roy?

Why is what you post so one sided and often inaccurate?

Government is an easy target as there is much they do wrong.

Similar to you.

Michael why are you lying again .
Not one sided I have given the whole article from the news Paper.
Always the whole story I do not try to influence others .
Them is the facts… Roy

See this string and see how Michael only shows his side .http://www.nachi.org/forum/f46/china-winning-war-u-s-95812/#post1253769

Posting one sided articles written from a particular point of view is just that. ONE SIDED.

Why does it bother you that I post information from a different point of view?

Are you against the free flow of information and ideas?

Do you have the brain power or expertise to render an opinion?
I seldom see you do that.

You usually just get in a pissing match with me.

At least I have the good sense to follow the forum rules and put things where they belong.

But Roy thinks he doesn’t have to do that.

Please note the intent of this very section:

Is a US China agreement a home inspection topic?

[FONT=Times New Roman]“At least I have the good sense to follow the forum rules and put things where they belong.[/FONT]*[FONT=Times New Roman]” No you do not .[/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman]

No you don’t have the good sense to follow any rules and that makes you a liar.
You just dislike Canadian’s and love to come on the Canadian site to complain
You can’t read and even if you could read and comprehend you continue to be obstinate for the sake of being obstinate.

I am well read Michael.
I choose not to engage you because you are never ever civil, you name call, and you are a liar.

So if you want to have a civil conversation start by applying and following the forum rules, stop the name calling, and other put downs you are known for.

There is no other reason you post here other than to cause discourse, and to fill your daily quota of put downs and completer ignorance as to how to behave.

Now please take a hike and set an example.


Roy Cooke

look at my big letters

your post has nothing to so with the stated use for this thread

Please tell me you are not that stupid as to not understand plain English.

Canadian Inspectors This is a place for Canadian InterNACHI inspectors and other inspectors in Canada to discuss local inspection topics.

I find this so interesting MR I hate Canadians feels he should tell us what the rules are and even puts them on the forum .
Very strange how he feels he can tell others what to do .
Then he does not follow them himself .
Again confirming he is a silly hypocrite
who lacks the ability to see he is not a Canadian .
**This is a place for Canadian InterNACHI inspectors and other inspectors in Canada **

ection Terms

A possible treaty is not an inspection topic. There is the NFE for such political topics.

I’ll make you a deal ROY

Stay off every other part of the MB and I will stay out of the Canadian section.


As long as you treat the Canadian thread as the NFE I will too.

You must think I am an idiot .
No F in way would I ever make a deal with you .
You have proven too many times just what a liar and a Hypocrite you are .

Larson you may be able to give your wife orders and verbally abuse her and others here, but I’ll give you the respect you think you are entitled to when you follow the rules you lie about.
Why do you not Go and report me to Nick ask him to remove one of us .

roy roy roy.

bully bully bully

Exactly the same thing.

You sure make my day I am so happy to see you so sad .

Now again I ask you can you stop the BS act properly and I am sure we can go on doing what we do best and that is help all your Choice.
Do we stop or does it carry on.
There are no winners with the constant silly posts
I am offering you olive branch .

Thanks for the olive branch

I’m smiling from ear to ear Roy.

Exposing you is a lot of fun.

Since you refused my reasonable offer I will not be considering your unreasonable demands Mr. Bully.

I have corrected your post .

Thanks for the olive branch …It is much appreciated

…You make me so HAPPY I’m smiling from ear to ear Roy.

…Our posts have been a lot of fun.

Since you refused my unreasonable offer I will not be considering your reasonable demands Mr. Roy./

If you had wanted our silly dialogue to end you would have posted something like that.

It is obvious you have a sever case of hatred to carry this on for 7 years .

I wish you well … Roy
If you notice I seldom reply to your strings .

If you look you seldom miss Constantly attacking many of my strings .

Now we all know Michael has a I hate Roy phobia.

You had your chance to end this earlier.

you refused.

My gracious offer is withdrawn.

So please do not take offence when I respond when you use the wrong parts of the message board to give your political views.

Non inspection related posts have no useful purpose in inspection related threads.

We have a perfectly fine Not For Everyone thread should you wish to post your politicaly charged views there.

Have a good day. I sure intend to.

(“My gracious offer is withdrawn.”)
** is a lie like many of my other things I have said .**

So sad to see just how selfish closed minded Michael is .
What a sad way to go through life …
I have never seen one person with so much hate .
For so many things .
The worst part he thinks he is doing a good thing does not realise just how bad his efforts are.

SEE THE TRUTH Please look at the below web sites



Roy, you really need to explore the difference between a statement of fact and an opinion.

I thought is was gracious, you didn’t.

That does not make it a lie.

But thanks for providing more proof of your lying.

It so cute when little Roy tries to claim he is some hot shot because of a long friends list.

It seems to me a recently expelled member tried the same argument.

Gee I did not see that post when you where expelled thanks for telling us about it .

Much appreciated .

Sad to see you Michael are breaking your rules again… Roy

Long nose.jpg

More lies from Roy as he knows very well I have never used that extremely silly argument as proof of anything.

Why keep adding to your list of lies Roy?

Does your wife know you lie so much?

What makes me far superior to Michael is I have never said I never lie .
I am sure at some time I have made an incorrect statement
( that would be a lie ) If told about it or I find it I do my best to correct my false statements .
Now Michael is different he will not own up to his lies and their are many ( not a good way for a Christian??) to act.
He does not follow the rules of the Bible very well and has trouble following the rules of NACHI.
As he said earlier all terrorists are sick. Well using his way of expressing things I guess he is a terrorist because it is obvious he is sick and has a follow Roy phobia
.I have asked Michael to let us end this many times .
No way can he see the advantage of just stopping and carry on helping all.