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Roy I what I said is that I have never lied about you.

You know that or at least you should.

You have definitely lied about me and you know that too.

Telling lies about someone is defamation.

Is defamation legal in Canada?

Oh! Oh! Michael just told another lie .
He also says ( " Telling lies about someone is defamation.") .I wonder why Mr. no Balls does not back up his statement and charge some one.
He has proven many times he knows he has no case and is all bluff .
Great how he shows his true colours .
He just does not know how to stop his BS and move on .

I have asked you repeatedly to post the supposed lies I have made concerning you.

All I get is crickets.

I guess you are caught in yet another lie.:(:frowning:

:roll: :roll:

As Michael likes to say gust go back and read the posts .

I have asked you repeatedly to lets end this and move on .
You wiggle and squirm and make all sorts of excuses ,
It looks like you can not stop, after 7 years of haunting me .

You will find no lies about Roy Cooke by going back and reading but I encourage you to try.

Gee, you would think Roy would be able to state any supposed lies I made about him from memory.

I guess not.

People are watching Roy.

haunting you?

I just tell the truth about you when you get out of control for the umpteenth time.

Have you always been a bully?

How about we just stop and move on to a better future ???

I like this one just fine and the next one is out of this world.

What’s your future?

Having a simple lost person follow me around for ever I guess .

This person is definitely not “lost”.

How about you?

Maybe not but he sure is simple

A lot of things are simple.

The Gospel for one.

Why do you find understanding so difficult?

I can not understand how a person say he believes in the Bible can lie and ignore what he was taught .

.You are a very poor Christian and a disgrace to the home Inspector industry

I have not lied about you. Please stop lying.

What reason would I have to accept the judgment of a old goofball in Canada who does not believe in God.

He might as well be a braying mule.

. Thanks for the picture of you .You are again proving just what a poor lying Christian you are .
We are fortunate most Christians are good god believing people then we have ,
Below is what I am sure Michael is .

Do you really know the person you are working with?
God’s kingdom is built on relationships of love and trust, and these bonds take time to develop. Don’t partner with people hastily. Wisdom is not naive.

God’s renders judgement on all who sin Roy.

When you stand before Him, what will you say about your lies?

Get some help, Larson. Seriously. Your posts against Roy are beyond ridiculous.


Get your own help.

Roy is a liar

Yep I sure would prefer to be a liar then a hypocrite like Michael Larson.
He says he is a good Christian .
If that is the case I sure hope to meet a bad Christian
They have a special song for the man with no friends How low can you go., Thanks Carl it is great to know all can see how vindictive Michael is .

I wish you well Michael

SEE THE TRUTH Please look at the below web sites



Please again I ask you to stop .
This is embarrassing to me and can only hurts our industry.
I have reached the limit that I will put up with .
If you continue I will be forced to take further action that could hurt you our home Inspection industry and possibly other home Inspectors .
I will not ask you again to end this.

All the best Roy Cooke … Reply requested Thanks … Roy