U.S. Department of Energy and InterNACHI agree to co-brand courses and marketing.


Pretty awesome, looks like a good start.


Good news

Energy Auditor Training CourseIncludes the following topics:
• House as a System
• Energy Movement
• Comfort and Climate
• Indoor Air Quality
• Auditor’s Toolbox
• Building Shell Retrofit Strategies
• Calculating Envelope Energy Loss
• Combustion Appliances
• Cooling Measures
• Base Load Measures
• Attic Ventilation
• Generating a Work Order
• Building Assessment
• Math Basics
• Mobile Home Assessment
• Interpreting Infrared
• Moisture Assessment
• Zone Pressure Diagnostics
“House as a System” is the first topic of the “Energy Auditor” Course.

“House as a System” Course

**Learning Objectives **By attending this session, participants will:

  • become aware of the potential for interaction among building components and mechanical systems;
  • understand how air sealing a home can negatively affect indoor air quality; and
  • be able to recognize typical air leakage sites and know how to deal with them.

Key Terminology

  • Aldehydes
  • Dropped soffit
  • Backdraft
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
  • Bypass
  • Spauling
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  • Stack effect
  • Chimney chase
  • Vapor retarder

InterNACHI/DOE Energy Auditor Training Course coming soon…

Still says here that you have to be BPI or RESNET Certified, Still says nothing about Trained INACHI Home Inspectors as Energy Auditors…


Co-branding deal was cut Friday.


I noticed back drafting in your list of terms. One of the other major applications for blower doors is in the fire suppression industry and back drafting worst case testing. Were you referring to the fire back drafting or back drafting as a flow?

If you were referring to the fire version, this puts you ahead of BPI and Resent in that category as they do not even address it, to my knowledge.