U.S. drops rule requiring more efficient furnaces

Been telling everyone if they do not want a cat 4 they better purchase before May but looks like the Law is being rescinded.

Good news for those that hate interference.


At least I will see a little less of this on walkways…

With more and more of these out there I am surprised by no comments .
Often I see these exhausts in locations that are terrible but maybe it is just my luck.

Just to help those in the future trying to find a reference here is an excerpt from from a cat 4 manual.

Avoid areas where condensate drainage
may cause problems by dropping on planters
or patios, etc. Also ensure that exhaust
gases will not impinge on windows or building
surfaces, which may be compromised or
damaged by condensation. Do not install the
vent terminal such that exhaust is directed
into window wells, stairwells, under decks
or into alcoves or similar recessed areas,
and do not terminate above any public

In Nevada we import 6-8 Billion a year in Energy. We buy from out of state and out of the country. If people were more energy conscious they would keep more money local.

Hard to hear but energy is never created or destroyed…just transformed.
Far as the desert goes it is just that and not intended as a place for humans to thrive in nature so when going against nature there is allways a price to pay.

The same applies to water and distribution.
the more the need the higher the cost and that must be made up in some other way such as in Vegas with gambling and tourisim.

Yes conservation helps but there is a point at which there is less return .
The end game answer is to create more and more alternitive energy systems which certain political parties seem to have venom for.

Oil is in the end a limited resource but energy is not and simply needs to be channeled from many sources.

Thanks for info Bob.

Thought it was interesting and the news is what about a week old already yet this is the first I learned of it.

Will posted a story about HVAC guys scamming to sell the mid units before the law takes affect so it is all related.

I read that post. My client today, female late 60’s, even new, or had heard, that new furnaces had to be high efficiency.

Your area is buying at least some of it’s Natural Gas from Canada just like here. We have one of the best places for solar, wind, and Geothermal. The problem is it’s still to expensive to heat with electric and tapping directly into the geo is just not economical for most even though there are some houses here that have including a whole Casino Resort.

I perfectly understand.

One debate might be if water prices for instance in Arizona are obligated to be at a fixed level because of climbing population
or should certain areas be allowed to die out naturally due to non sustainability of over population.

No debating here by the way but thinking out loud.

I never thought for a minute that 80% furnaces were going to be a thing of the past.

I traveled this morning to my grandsons basketball game and had to go past the storage area for the pipe used in the keystone pipe line its on the move again being transported downstream from its storage area. That pipe appears to be about 36 inches in diameter or larger can only haul 3 joints at one time due to weight.

People are only energy aware when it affects their wallet

Hard to believe that a sunny state like Nevada would not be in the forefront of solar production making them less reliant on outside resources.

Obama and his pet monkey Harry are pumping lots of green tax money into NV to never get a return on investment