U.S. Home prices soar to best in 6 years.


Any studies showing correlation between home prices and inspection fees?

False. My home has been on the market for over a year, without an offer of any kind. Feel good story just to get any buyer into the market. There are still very few.

Houses are selling strong in Denver, Colorado. Not enough houses on the market, people are bidding up on the asking price. Life is good if you are selling

Busiest year since inception of 1985…

In order to sell your house you have to price it properly…anyone can list a house.

It must be your area Gary, in my area the RE market is booming. I hear of houses go on the market in the morning & have a contract that evening. Also bidding wars are back around here.

I stopped doing (and advertising) inspections for real estate transactions and began specializing in insurance inspections last year … and am still turning down requests from referrals, lenders and calls from the public-at-large for inspections of homes being bought and sold. The market must be very, very hot.

Yea. As home prices soar, HI Fees plummet from uncontrolled “price matching” from new Inspectors trying to run a service business like it’s a Wal-Mart.

I too have retired from “Home Inspections”.

Still get lots of calls, but you can’t pay your taxes and insurance off the fees of these things.

I am always polite and give a quote from my price list back in 1995.
They always seem to find a better deal (or so they think)…