I have been contacted by US INSPECT to do relocation inspections. I wondered if anyone has had dealings with them and what the opinions are.

Same here. They seem to be contacting inspectors in this area. Does anyone know if they are worth considering?

They said they would only put me on full time here, meaning I’d have to give up my business. I declined

I did my first inspection for them yesterday. My GOD at the paperwork and low pay. It’s like working for the government. I think I have done my LAST relocation inspection. Low pay is a BIG turn off.

John, if you don’t mind sharing, how much time did you spend on it (inspection and paperwork), and how much did they pay?

They tried to give $150.00 per inspection. After I laughed for about ten min. at them, they settled on a higher price. Inspection took about 1 % 1/2 hours and paperwork with pictures took another 45 mins. I told them not to call me ever again. Complete waste of time for the money. Realtors and home owners feel the same way.

Mark, they offered me 40% from any inspection that they or I generate. hey pick up most if not all expenses. After taxes I think I’d owe money. I like being a free bird.


What is a relocation inspection, like a Florida four-point or something?

A couple weeks ago a saw a prelisting inspection that was done on a foreclosure by U.S. Inspect. The house inspected really good but the report was 77 pages long. :shock:

They have contracts with companies like Prudential and Coldwell banker. When the employees have to move, Us Inspect does the inspections. Sometimes they only have to check the roof, or irrigation. Usually not a full inspection. Problem is, each component requires it own separate report, even if you do two component inspection on the same house. More money that way, but more report writing.

What do you mean by separate report?

Email them numerous reports – one for each system or component inspected?..with a separate cover page for each portion of the inspected items?

More money for who?..the inspector, or US Inspect.?

Exactly. At 40%, who do you think makes more money?

Well if their making 60% of “EACH” inspection, and the sub is getting paid for one inspection, well the math is easy.

But if you’re getting 40% of say five inspections, and the only thing else involved is another cover sheet to a report, well that’s a lot of money if you’ve been at the site doing the various inspections.

I am missing something, but I am not sure what—:smiley:

I have seen their reports on several properties in my area. They provide a standard inspection, radon and termite. They have also been involved in many lawsuits in the Central Florida area.

I think numerous lawsuits across the country Greg…but I could be wrong—:roll:

Its a separate fee for each different inspection so it pays both ways. I wouldn’t worry about it though, just find some idiot out there to do your inspections for you for a cut Bound to find something.

I heard of a few lawsuits in Missouri.