U.S. Member of the Year Nominations 2008

U.S. Member of the Year Nominations 2008
Good evening all;

I have a new Nomination for the** U.S. Member of the Year.**

It is with great pleasure for me to introduce to you this Nominee tonight.

Mr. Kenton Shepard


Date of Submission: 05/07/2008 / May 7th, 2008

**Nominee: Kenton Shepard **

Nominee Contact Information:

Email peaktoprairie@msn.com<mailto:razz:eaktoprairie@msn .com >
Telephone: (303) 258-8289
Other: (303) 588-5179

**Award Consideration: U.S. Member of the Year (unless something is more appropriate) **

**Kenton is responsible for having put together the **Green Building Inspection course](http://www.nachi.org/greenbuildingcoursereleased2007.htm)**and the Log Home inspection course](http://www.nachi.org/loghomecoursereleased2008.htm) among related books. **

**Kenton, my congratulations to you for all you have done. **

**Marcel :smile: :grin: **

Well deserved nomination!

I second that.


Nice, Kenton. I’ve enjoyed some of your contributions. :smiley: Congrats.

Thanks guys!

Congratulation on the nomination Kenton, you have some great contributions here. It was great to meet you in Boulder.