U.S.P.S recommends Home Inspection

But drops the ball.
See if you can figure out why.http://www.changeofaddress.org/blog/2011/10-things-to-look-for-in-your-next-home/

Separately, you should hire your own home inspector, preferably an engineer with experience in doing home surveys in the area where you are buying. :roll:

If you’re an ENGINEER of some kind there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with their article.

Engineers are exempt from home inspection laws in Kansas. If you hire an engineer here to do a home inspection, he/she may not be qualified. Engineers are specialists in one area; civil, electrical, etc. Caution should be used when hiring any engineer to do a home inspection, IMHO.

I always tell prospects if they say they are wanting an engineer as an inspector:
An engineer performing inspections must not be able to make a living as an engineer if he has to take a pay cut and perform home inspections. So that says he must not be a good engineer, so what would do you think would make him a good home inspector?

You should have to be a computer scientist to be a home inspector! :wink: