U.S. Will Require Drones to Be Registered


Yes i seen that ,what about the ones already sold ? I have no problem with it

Merely registering drones will not help the issue much at all but it is a start. We are in a highly technological age and there is no reason that drones can not be equipped with GPS and beacons to identify themselves when in flight. With these additions, and the registering of drones, those that choose to do what they are not suppose to can be identified and found much easier! That should certainly help eliminate a large part of the problem.

Oh just wait there will be an entire government department or agency to over see drones along with the fees and fines necessary to support such an organization. I’d say DOD but that one is already taken.

Mine has GPS and lights lol

The first of many to come “drone police”.
Anti-drone shoulder rifle lets police take control of UAVs with radio pulses **

By beacons I am referring to RF navigational beacons and not lights. :roll: With navigational beacons they can be tracked to where they landed and if watched all the time they can be tracked from where they originated and their path.

Well Excuse me , Mine can be tracked and has return to base if control is lost. I am sure they will not go has far as you think . To many to track . They probably keep track closer to the cities and airports . I have no problem registering it or paying for a permit . they should be kept below 400 ft and line of sight . Which should go for any unmanned craft . so that would mean the radio controlled planes and i hear the whining already . Did you really need the rolling eyes BTW I knew what you were talking about .Beacons will not likely be asked for ,too pricey to watch for the number of drones out there . Unless you have the larger ones with high payloads .

Just what we need IR Certified CMI’s crashing drones all around the country. I can hardly wait.

LOL Brian what could be worst , OLD CMI’s Dropping off roofs Now that would be a mess