Nailed 4 tickets for the U2 Soldier Field Chi-town concert. Saturday 9/12/09. One of my bucket list items (to do list) from when I was a teen.:mrgreen::smiley:

ummm…I’m pretty close to Chicago. :mrgreen:

Take me Take me :slight_smile:

nice Randy…

Just goes to show the difference age makes. I know who the U2 band is but whenever I see or hear “U2” my first thought is the the Lockheed U2 spyplane used by the CIA, not the rock band. :wink:

Gary Powers will be glad to hear this.

I heard he will be flying a spy plane over the stadium that night!:mrgreen::wink:

Saw U2 June 11, 2001, the day Tim McVeigh was executed and thought “Geez, I hope Bono doesn’t lecture us on the evils of capital punishment.”

Mercifully, he didn’t.

Highlight for me: Some guy came out and started fiddling with the instruments before U2 came out. I asked my son, Seán, who it was. He said “Dallas Shue.” Huhn? “He’s their tunesmith.”

Me: “You’re the only person in this audience who knows that.”

What are they?
Some kinda Irish band or something.