UCC Certified Inspector?

A friend of mine is buying a home and their lender requires them to have a UCC certified inspection, that must “pass”, and all issues resolved before getting their loan. I have never heard of this and am not sure what to tell her. I have never seen anyone advertise that they are a UCC inspector. Where do I tell her to go for help? Thanks.

Uniform Construction Code


It would appear that if the house passed the city/county AHJ inspections it is a done deal since the inspectors have to be UCC certified to work there?

Just look for someone that is ICC Certified.

Thank you, have been looking in my area and still can not find anyone.


Go to www.iccsafe.org and you can look up ICC certified individuals.

Just get the AHJ to give them copies of the phase inspections. Its already been done.

In PA, just being ICC certified doesn’t make you UCC certified. You need to go through the paper work (in each area that you want to be certified) with the PA Dept. of L & I and pay the fees.

To be certified as a third party inspector, in addition to the above, you need to have a much more expensive E & O package than is required for a Home Inspector.