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Hi to all

it’s not often that you find yourself staggered by a companies great service, but UEI (universal enterprises inc) keep surprising me, not only are there products generally better designed and better priced than their competitors, but their service is fantastic.

I have twice now had contact with them over spares and technical support, and they always respond quickly, accurately and with a sense of humor (most important). If anyone is looking at buying new equipment I would strongly recomend looking at their range. for those not familiar with their range they distribute:

Electrical testers

Gas sniffers


Combustion analyzers

& also handle the sales & sevice for Kane-May.

to see their current range, go to www.ueitest.com the web site is not that great but at least you can drool over their shiney new toys ![icon_smile.gif](upload://b6iczyK1ETUUqRUc4PAkX83GF2O.gif)


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Thanks for passing that along. It is always a good find when you come across a company that offers service after the sale.

Joe Myers