Uknown structure


I’ve attached a couple of photos showing a structure over the Heat Pumps that I have no clue what it was for. I didn’t take the pictures, they were sent to me in an Appraisal report, so I don’t have any more information that what you see. My guess is that it looks like some sort of Lookout platform, because the house is out in the middle of nowhere and is on about 3.5 acres.

Any and all thoughts are welcome.



Snipers perch! :shock::twisted::wink:

Old water tank :slight_smile:

Almost looks like they were planning to install the AC unit on the platform in lieu of on the ground and couldn’t afford the crane costs. :mrgreen:

My money is on deer stand…

I know the house was a foreclosure and the owner had a Trex deck out back that wrapped all the way across the back. I heard he took it complete apart board by board and replaced it with what you see in the picture. For the life of me, I don’t know what he was doing with that deer stand looking thing though…


looks like a half-finished, half-assed attempt at implementing a half-baked idea???

I’m going with bungie platform for the fido.

Gallows for the banker.:shock:

Looks like someone changed their mind on what was first a practicle idea but turned out to be an eye sore. I have seen a compressor unit on a platform like this. It was not pretty.

Like this?