UL provides Regulators with no-spin articles


I would welcome the opportunity to sit in at a Public Forum with the author and others who are new to the electrical industry where the facts and the NEC rules and procedures are discussed.

PS: The Author of the article above is a Former NFPA Staff Liaison and Field representative for over 10 years. He is also currently on the NEC Correlating Committee, and NEC CMP 3.

I would put my money on his opinions and interpretations, all of which give facts and authoritative opinions!


Useful article. Thanks, Joe.


Here are some more NECA articles from the UL Archives.

An Email address and telephone number are also included, if questions arise.

Mark takes the most recent controversies and misinterpretations and provides the industry with some answers and common examples giving assistance to those who are in need of help about some particular requirement, again with No Spin!

http://www.ul.com/regulators/ode.cfm :smiley:

More good stuff. Thanks, Joe.

Thanks, Joe, I needed that.

Glad to share, as always!

Where is that picture recently posted showing that it is OK to put more than one neutral (grounded conductor) under a terminal?

Now I am confused too, since we have a 408.21 or 408.41 rule in the NEC that says otherwise!

Could that printed label be a misprint?

I think Mark or UL should be made aware of this problem? Should NACHI put that question forward to them?