Ultimatum regarding an agent

I am planning to leave an ultimatum with a broker in regards to an agent that I had a bad experience with. I plan to demand a letter explaining that she has been councelled in regards to being unprofessional, or a negative review will not be removed. Can I legally present that?

Ask your attorney…or, InterNACHI’s @ fastreply@InterNACHI.org

Thanks Larry,

They wouldn’t care at all.
Where is the review located?

It will do nothing but extend the period of time that you are concentrating on it.

With the limited information contained in you post… I will assume this review was left by a Seller’s Agent (or even by the buyer’s agent). If so the best thing you can do is respond to the review pointing out that your obligation is to Your Client and not to see that the Home Sells so an Agent can collect Their Commission.(just say it in an informative and diplomatic way showing what a dink the agent is) My one negative Google review is from a seller and because of it and the way I responded has led clients, that actually read and put stock in reviews to hire me.

I’m sorry for the misunderstanding. I have left a negative review on Google regarding the buyers agent after sending the broker an email.
My plan was to remove it with a letter informing me that the agent has been councelled regarding certain ethics violations observed by myself and my customer. I have been in business six years and have never reported an agent to a broker, therefore I didn’t expect a response from him. He has responded therefore I will be removing the review.

You still haven’t revealed why you left a review of the buyer’s agent. I for one am very curious. If you expect stellar professional conduct from agents you will always be disappointed. They are often rude and unprofessional in my book, but I don’t work for them. The other thing, not often considered. is simply that everyone has a bad day. Maybe it’s their’s… I only have to put up with them for three hours or so.

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