Ultra Stingers

Not a bad price on Ultra Stingers


That is a good price.

Or, if you already have the charges:


Just received the Ulta-Stinger with 2 chargers for $94.50 including free shipping from Amazon.com

I used the Ultra Stinger for years, but met and fell in love with the military “Surefire” (I think the SureFire Commander). It comes with two rechargeable batteries, almost disappears in the back pocket of a pair of jeans, and has a brighter beam than the Stinger, and no halo. It’s more expensive, but worth every penny. A broke a lens a few moths ago and the company sent me a new one for free. Having said that, to each his/her own.

It can be viewed at link below:


How much are bulbs for the surefire?

UltraStinger bulbs range from $4.50 to $9 on internet.

I keep several spares since they do burn out.

I see… $34 for a surefire bulb assy

Folks I can back up Mr. Swift’s claims. Nothing beats the Surefire. Just recently had a friend bring one home. It was found in a flack vest. Awesome flashlight, super bright and just like Mr. Swift says fit’s in your back pocket.



I believe the surfire commander light is about 1/2 the lumens of the ultrastinger.

I don’t know diddely about lumens, I just remember the Surefire as being being brighter than my Stinger and with no halo. Can anyone out there make a one-to-one comparison?

I’ll give it a try. Sent me a Surefire. I already have a few Ultrastingers. :cool:

bought two of them last year off Ebay, for less than $80, including both car and AC adapters…


Bring your Stinger and your family, I’ll bring my SureFire and my family, and we’ll meet at the Diseneyland Hotel in California, and make a one-to-one comparison. The loser buys the beers.

Thanks for the invite, Keith, but it’s probably more cost effective to send the Surefire. :stuck_out_tongue: