Ummm, Everdry joins NAHI..? lolol

do we have this right? a waterdiverting company will now have
their own peep`s doing home inspections certified through NAHI.

No conflict of interest here eh? more bllllchtttt, it never ends.
maybe i should move to Zanzibar `n start doing massive quanities of opium rectally as George says.

B.McGuire/Eve of Destruction

just called NAHI, left a big smelly terd for em.

lady who answered started laughing soon as i brought story up,
quickly flipped me over to ‘Joann`s’ answering machine, that where
terd was left.

George Carlin/Answering Machine`s

Lady did call back, got her name wrong(SOWY) but she did sound like a sweety.Maybe Nick could give her interview fer job w/nachi

Anyway, she said she has no knowledge on Never dry and something about contacting those on their ‘board’. I happily volunteered to send her some links-info,she declined…got milk?

Hmmm lets see, if Never dry joins the ranks of Hm inspectors ill guess other-waterprfg companies will follow at some point,ESPECIALLY if they lose business. You peeps here whove worked hard to get business going and then sustain it cant possibly be jumping up `n down with glee on this kinda crap.

Waterproofing AND having home inspectors? Total conflict of interest

G Carlin/Where did Dan Quayle find Marilyn?