…leaking basement walls, builder tried to use caulk to stop the water ](*,)

other homes have problems and owners want to know why the city signed off. good question :mrgreen:

nothing like having a neighbor who supposedly is a fine contractor, LOSER

water in basement,mold on walls,mushrooms growing in the carpet,gaps & openings along foundation-they stopped watering the lawn because it floods the house. lawyer says flooding is a slope problem :roll: hahahaha! Idiots!

-Federal response-
project director says " I would say 90% of the moisture problems in houses are related to moisture coming IN from the Outside" :wink:

content provided by Popular Mechanics, scroll to… 7.Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers
5th paragraph “…if you get water in the basement with each big rain and you can see cracks in the walls,suspect a rainwater runoff problem” Hahahaa, Pop goes the weasel.

Hey, somebody was drinking a bit much or has a mental disorder.

Cracks in basement wall, water in basement and…its a rainwater runoff problem? HhaHhhaha
No wonder people get sued

Mark, is that you?

Great catch, I thought why does this look so familiar thanks Brian
Roy Sr

Led Zeppelin`s ‘The song remains the same’

Emerson Lake & Palmers 'Karen Evil 9' ...welcome back my friends to the show that never ends were so glad you could attend come inside,come inside…come inside the show`s about to start, guaranteed to blow your head apart :mrgreen:

back to school…

“gravity,soil swelling,soil collapse,frost heaving,hydrostatic pressure etc can cause serious harm to footers and foundations”

“many soils absorb vast quantities of water and this added water, combined with the soil, pushes against your foundation wall. This force is commonly referred to as hydrostatic pressure”

What does NOT absorb vast quantities of water? #-o

What applies the LEAST lateral pressure against a basement wall? #-o

Peastone-gravel,sand…good answer, good answer

“coarse grained, well-drained soils like sand & gravel apply the least lateral load” 6th para

" we firmly believe a foundation should be backfilled with washed gravel(NOT dirt) from the basement floor level all the way UP to within 2-3" of finished grade outside…this is especially important, if not CRITICAL, with soils having high clay content…This type of DRAINAGE prevents trapped water and saturated soil next to foundation from building up horizontal hydrostatic pressure Against the Wall. This pressure will crack walls, cause leaks, and in a worst case collapse the wall inward"

" Many, many consumers THINK they have waterproofed basements, when in fact they simply have been damproofed"

" there is a Significant Difference between damproofing and waterproofing"

" Thousands of homeowners THINK they have a waterproofed foundation when in fact they do not"

“the backfill of choice is sand or gravel…unfortunately most builders backfill with the original soil that was excavated”

-Why worry about water/moisture in basement- Possible causes

Hydrostatic pressure- rainwater seeps into the soil and builds up pressure against your foundation walls. This hydrostatic pressure can exert tons of force on your foundation.

Cracked and buckled walls- Hydrostatic pressure can press against your foundation walls, even buckling of the walls and flooding. Heavy, wet soil continually presses against your foundation walls…"

On the other hand

Questions- Do you use outside excavation?
Should i have the outside of my basement walls sealed?

Their expert answers :mrgreen: …“NO! It is not only unnecessary and expensive but doesn`t permanently dry up your basement”

…No, this work was done when your house was built. It didnt work then and wont work now. The sealing of basement walls was never meant to be a permanent solution"

Now, you talk about a good, self-serving bsht story. They either do not get that the outside was at best ONLY damproofed or parged and, was Not backfilled with peastone which…ahem, causes basement walls to crack,bow etc OR they dont want you to knowcos they only do Inside drain tile/baseboard systems.

I`ll ask again :mrgreen: …can ANY Inside system stop/relieve/prevent lateral & hydrostatic soil pressure, and tree roots, which are on the outside of basement walls? Huh? lolol NO!

Can ANY Inside system stop/prevent water that enters say, through cracks `n other openings on the outside of hollow-block walls? Huh? NO!

Will ANY Inside system help stop mold? NO, Water will still enter these outside cracks after they install any inside system.

Will ANY Inside system help stop radon gas,efflorescence,termites etc?
NO! Because they dont go Outside and seal/waterproof the cracksn other openings that allow water,radon,insects from entering.
Got milk?

ELP… he had white horses, and ladies by the score, all dressed in satin,
and waiting by the door =P~

Mark returns…I thought he died.

And he uses the name Bubber. At least you could have added an “L” to make it Blubber.

Ut, there`s one of my good buddies saying hello :mrgreen:

while i seem to have a few more moments…

Do you remember how radon gas enters homes? Huh?

this should help ya

a) cracks in concrete slabs
b) spaces behind brick veneer walls…
c) pores and cracks in concrete blocks
d) floor-wall joints
e) exposed soil, as in a sump
f) weeping drain tile, if drained to open sump
g) mortar joints…etc

Inside systems

yep, questions 7 and 9 and then 19 and 20

19…they drill holes in hollow-blocks…will this help stop/prevent radon?
20…they leave the bottom 3 inches or so of cracks open and they do NOT seal the joint where the wall and floor meet. will this help stop/prevent radon? Got Milk?

And while installing piping in floor to help vent radon thats Under floor out, this piping remediation has zero ta do with stopping/preventing radon gas from entering through cracks n other openings in basement walls and has nothin ta do with radon that can also enter through wall-floor joints.

G Carlin- people who wear visors, hey…what is the need for 1/2 a hat?
nobody is interested in the top of yer head, go back to the store
and tell them to give you the rest of yer hat,they cheated you.
Better yet, get yourself one of those little jewish hats and sew it
to your stupid visor, then ya have a full-fledged hat my friends

[quote=john bubber]
Got Milk?

I new I was not dreaming!!

Marcel :slight_smile:

Are we back to why basements leak ad nauseum?


Organ Donor programs… :mrgreen:

Does this chtt bother you a lil bit? :-k

Sounds like Joseph Mangle has been sitting in on some of those meetings. Thing that bothers me is they`re run by the Motor Vehicle Bureau, i figure chtt, if you gotta wait in line that long for a kidney, fk it…do without!

Its the Motor Vehicle Bureau in most states that sends you the little card your supposed to carry right next to your drivers license. Ya fill it out and on it, your supposed to list the organs your willing to give in case you die. Are these people out of their fkg minds? Do you honestly believe that if a paramedic finds that card on you in an auto accident, he is going to try to save your life? Blllchtt! He`s looking for parts man!

"Look Dan, heres that lower intestine weve been looking for …nevermind the oxygen this mans a donor" Chtt, they can have my rectum and anus, thats all im giving! I don`t want some guy poking around in me hoping I die, I want to live. Thats the whole secret of life, not dying!

And dont be pulling any plugs on me either, thats another bunch of macho bllchtt floating around in this country. People talking about, "Aw pull the plug on me, if im like a vegetable pull the plug". Chtt fk that, leave MY plug alone! Get an extension cord for my plug! I want everything ya got…tubes,cords,plugs,probes,electrodes, got something stick it in me. You find out I got a hole I didnt know I had, put a fk`g plug in it.

Vegetable shtt, I dont care if I look like an artichoke! Sssaaave my azz. Theres 3 things i want if im ever in that condition... Ice cream, morphine and television. Give me that ice cream every 2 hours, give me that morphine, about every..... 10 minutes and turn on the fkf TV.

How about those people who don`t like you to mention certain things, some people don`t want you to say this, some people don`t want you to say that, some people think if you mention certain things they might happen.....some people are really fk`g stupid! Ever notice that?

Youll be listening to some guy...youll say “This guy is fkg stupid”…Then, there are some people who arent stupid....but their full of shtt. Youll be listening to some guy and youll say "Well, hes fairly intelligent…ahtt, hes full of shtt!". Then there are some people, their not stupid, their not full of shtt...their fkg nuts! Dan Quayle is all three!!

Stupid, full of shtt and fkg nuts! And where did he get that wife of his? Have you taken a good look at that Marilyn Quayle? Where did he get her, at a Halloween party or something? She looks like Prince Charles for Krist sake!

…G Carlin