Hey umm figd maybe i best put this on the INSIDE since somebody may be going,inside. Whats up?

Genesis/All in a Mouses Night.....there i was with my back to the wall,then comes this Monster mouse hes ten feet tall with teeth and claws to match, it only took one BLOW!!!

please note: Johnny Bubba is in no way affiliated with internachi or it`s members.
Johnny B is also not a BBB member,nor a NAWSRC member, nor in the Sarah dorkhead Palin
fan club. Got milk?

Wickland, your nasty! Was it worth it?


He has it plastered all over his web page

Apparently not the most honest guy.

John we do not read Inspectors Journal.

O’Hand job is as neutral as Fox News.

John I like you, but you are posting this all over including over at Inspection News where even the ASHI fan boys told you the guy could have been with any association.

So what is your point?

Yeah, I see his association choice having nothing to do with this. Could have just as easily been an ASHI guy or a NAHI, or whatever. There are honest and dishonest people in every profession, trade organization, all over the world.

What`s up Bob!!!

Well, i simply posted IT on 3 home insp sites after seeing it on that
Insps Journal site. Theres no ‘point’, just recent news that i didnt see here or on other 2 HI sites.Everything else seems to be posted and discussed here and on those sites, from politics to picking ones nostrils so i don`t see the big deal in posting it here or at Insp News or Your Leaking H.