ummmmm, Gutter HELMET for you?

1:15 with duh media,…‘gutters are number 1 problem for water in duh basement… low spots’ etc. So because HELMET says this it just has to be true.

Are the helmets experts on leaky basements? Simple question.

Some customer complaints on the helmets… some paid $2,000, 4,000+

A few more…

So get with the media etc and get peeps thinking blindly that they can solve their leaky basements by giving helmets 2-4 thousand + and then, when they continue to leak they have little if any money left to fix their actual problem, more brilliant, scamming marketing shtt, the American way.

Maybe the helmets should spend less time rubbing elbows wifffff duh media and more time fixing/helping those homeowners with legit complaints.

Susan from Detroit, WRIF rock girl…
hmmmm, wonder if Susan needs helmet… Susan call Uncle Bubba at 1–800-got–milk