Un-certified inspector

in my area there is a company doing inspections, claiming he is certified, and he is doing termite inspections, Not licensed. he also is doing repairs on homes he inspected. I only found this out as he was advertising for repair crews on facebook.

I’m in missouri and it is not a regulated state. But is it okay for him to be doing repairs on the houses he inspected?

My thought is no. As he can just find items that are not a defect and say it is to get the repair work.

What can be done about this?

I guess it depends on the state. If he claims to be NACHI certified and is not, maybe Nick will try a cease and desist ruling.

Here in GA, you can be a home inspector with zero credentials. Print up a business card and have at it. Maybe create your own one man certification organization and certify yourself. It is horrifying, to a degree.

We have inspection companies operating here as a one stop shop. Inspect, estimate cost in the report and then repair once you move in.

If a reasonable person cannot see the absolute direct conflict of interest in this set-up, then maybe they get what they deserve. Apparently, that is how my state officials feel about it.

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That’s all you need to say. A home inspector can make repairs on defects he discovers. He’s not bound by an associations conflict of interest. Whether he is qualified for those repairs it’s up to the state and their licensing board.

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Let’s name some names. If they (Publicly) claim or are Certified by interNACHI, which is very possible. Then action could be taken by interNACHI. beyond that not much you (we) can do legally. As members especially in unregulated states we need to be self policing.

They only say they are certified inspectors on their website. They do not mention what certification they have.

This is their website. He also says they do termite inspections. But I looked them up on the Missouri agriculture site. They have no license to do them. Maybe they sub it out. But for $50.00 I don’t think so.

Maybe someone else other then me can call or email to find out more info. They already know about me. I tried to ask questions to get more info, but they asked me not to call again, or they were calling the board of Realtors and report me. Well at least I’m a member of the board, they are not.

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Here is there BBB reviews. They are doing great! Haha


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yeah they have some bad reviews on google also.

I agree I looked at their website I looked at their numerous Google reviews there was nothing odd about their business practice.

They had a couple of BBB reviews that were pretty harsh. Google was a mash-up but they are maintaining 4 stars.

Whoever replies to their bad reviews is NOT good at their job. LOL.

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I agree and some of the reviews looked a little sketchy.

Reviews can be made by anyone. Mama, Daddy, sister cousin wife (all in one)… One bad review and all the “family” pitches in.