Un-intended feature

See the pretty new house in picture 1? See the pretty spires at the peaks? See the close up in picture 2? Those are pretty copper spires. They are not grounded. See the pretty lightning strikes!! See the pretty house burn! Burn pretty house burn! :shock: :shock: :shock:



flames are alway pretty, just not on my house.

Masts, Spires, Flagpoles.

These slender structures shall require one strike termination device, down conductor, and ground terminal. Electrically continuous metal structures shall require only bonding to ground terminals.

Parts of structures most likely to be struck by lightning are those that project above surrounding parts such as chimneys, ventilators, flagpoles, towers, water tanks, spires, steeples, deck railings, shafthouses, gables, skylights, dormers, ridges, and parapets. The edges and corners of the roof are the parts most likely to be struck on flat or gently sloping roofed buildings.