Unbelievable Card Trick

You guys have to watch this… very cool.


Watch before he shuffles. He rubs his hand across the deck to feel for his special card. He then goes to shuffle, but he doesn’t put them together. He pulls them back apart. Each time she cuts, he goes back and rearranges them.

Yea I know there’s a trick to all magic but its still pretty cool regardless and in my opinion this one would take some concentration to pull off. :slight_smile:

The biggest trick is how Ellen Degenerate is able to smile with all that botox.


Hey now lol Ellen rocks. Love her zest for life. She’s always smiling and that’s who I like to surround myself with positive people! :slight_smile:

Here are some more… enjoy

Very cool John. Thanks for sharing.

He does rearrange after she cuts the deck, but not after one or two of them. On those he cuts the deck and then has her cut it again which should bring it back to correct position. I wonder if the order doesn’t matter somehow, like he can tell the story in any order because the card line up regardless.

Either way, it’s fast and if he has to modify on the fly it’s brilliant.

You guys are wrong. It’s just magic :slight_smile:

I would believe that if it were God himself holding the cards. :slight_smile:

Troy do you still believe in the Tooth Fairy .

I don’t believe it. I can’t. It says “unbelievable”.

What do you mean still? :wink: