Unbelievable Deal from Scheduleze.

InterNACHI once again has an amazing deal for its members. Scheduleze, the online scheduling service, is offering their product for less than half the normal price. And it comes with FREE setup, Webcast training sessions, and 1-on-1 support. Don’t have a website? They will host one for you at no additional cost!

Folks, online services are the future. You can check out this deal at www.scheduleze.com/internachi

It sounds very interesting. Does anyone from their company have MB privileges? I would like to know how the 24hr assistant works. I will email them, but others here may want to know.

Home inspectors typically wear many hats. When not actually inspecting you could be writing reports, marketing, research, bookkeeping, answeringphone calls from buyers, sellers, and Realtors. All while trying to save a little piece of the day for yourself. “Scheduleze” has been helping inspectors for years by taking some of that burden away. And now there is even more reason to consider it. The price. Just $35/mo. OVER 50% off!! Turn your website into your 24 hour office assistant. Check out this great offer at www.scheduleze.com/internachi


Uh, Oh!:shock:

This looks like a great marketing concept to present to real estate agents.

The response from inspectors we polled last year indicated that approximately 60% of all their inspections were coming in without having to answer the phone. A large majority of those were from Realtors that already used them and appreciated not having to call to book an inspection. Client could be sitting in the Realtors office and within 60 seconds, the inspection is booked with a time that they picked.
We also provide a bonus “Marketing Tips Guide” to every subscriber.

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WOW!!! and i do all that without the $35 fee per month.

What I like best is that the client is sitting in the realtors office and within that 60 seconds or less they are talking to the guy that will be doing the inspection…No Middle Man…No Fee…No expectations, and I send them a nice “How To Operate Your Home” manual.