The NY FingerLakes Chapter is undergoing some major renovation.

I have donated the use of my Garage (well if you would call it a garage) to the NY FingerLakes Chapter to utilize as both a state of the art office complex and training center.

The office area has been designed to accomodate full time desk areas for the NACHI Executive Director, The NY FingerLakes Chapter President and one other. That one other just happens to be Mr. Rick Bates, a NACHI trainer for IAQ (Indoor Air Quality). Also possibly included in the mix will be Mr. John Bailey, of Bailey heating, renowned worldwide for his expertise in the HVAC field, especially steam heating.

The training facility, or meeting room if you will, is already slated to be filled with an audio visual/book type library (my complete collection of construction and inspection library along with the full library of Mr. Bates, which includes anything and everything code related, etc.). In addition 5 computers will be accessible by anyone to do research, take tests, whatever. All of this will be available to the NY FingerLakes Chapter members for use at almost anytime. In addition we are working on a web training site. It will be interactive, etc. This will allow anyone who lives too far away from a chapter the ability to participate with the NY FingerLakes Chapter, no matter where you live. This will kinda make us like the National Chapter of NACHI. In fact anyone can now become a member of the NY FingerLakes Chapter. Imagine a chapter meeting by internet. It’s gonna happen, so stay tuned.

I am also donating to the Chapter my state of the art fax machine. NACHI members from all over will be able to access this fax and have forwarded to them (by fax of course) articles and information of interest to them. A listing of these will be made as we go.

Stay tuned. This is gonna be big.

PS… I forgot - Anyone desiring to assist our work crew in remodeling and renovating - call me.

Anyone interested in presenting a course or program needs to get in touch with the NY FingerLakes Chapter President Mike Capalupo, Mr. Rick Bates or me.

Sounds great, John; looks like you are establishing a new precedent for on- and off-site chapter participation. Congrats!

Let me know how I can help.

Me too!