Unbelieveable what some Orillia home inspectors will do for a buck

I completed an inspection several weeks ago an found this, retaining walls bowed, steps angled down, my conclusion the whole of the front berm is sliding slowly and needs rebuilt. Then I found the driveway slopes into the garage and floods as evidenced by the waterline around the foundation wall inside, Garage/foundation wall shows signs of displacement and leakage,and it went on and on until I found the attic covered in a “mould like substance”. My clients decided to walk from the home purchase.

Two or three weeks later they were told by the re the home had sold. The seller and their re brought in another Inspector to do an inspection and his report found no issues with the foundation, retaining wall and most importantly advised that the attic was self correcting if more ventilation was added!

My clients knew better as I had educated them with information in the report and documentation from several sources in additional files and were as astounded as was I an Orillia Home Inspector would say that. There had to be at least 1500 sq foot surface area involved along with the insulation etc.

I guess that there are bad inspectors everywhere but clearly this one sold out any integrity they may have had for the price of an inspection and referral.
Ps My clients had me do another inspection this last week and this one was a keeper.

WOW! if his client see’s this post it could get very awkward .
Thanks for the post

Good for you Bruce! I also am dealing with one individual doing up soft reports for Home Owners. I also have seen the reports and without a word my Clients told me it was crap.

Nice job Bruce! I guess that every town has bad inspectors and lucky for your clients your not one of them. We have an inspector in our town that misses so much stuff it’s amazing. He either doesn’t know what to look for or just doesn’t care. The surprising part is that he keeps very busy. It’s just a matter of time before these unethical inspectors cross the wrong client and justice will prevail.

About 25 years ago, I did some work on a home where the inspector cleaned up the report. (took out comments about termites and water heater deficiencies). The bill for the repairs was over $30,000. The inspection company had to pay for all of it. There was also a law suit. SHAME.

Self correcting attic…that is certainly a new and unique way of reporting the conditions in the submitted photo. Why would any inspector subject him or herself to such liability…for the sake of a few hundred dollars (or less!). I am speechless.

I hope this does not come as a surprise to you.

Most areas just click your heels three time loudly wild claiming:

I am a Home Inspector
I am a Home Inspector
I am a Home Inspector

And POOF just like magic you are :smiley:

No experience necessary.

What is really great is when the State you live in decides to give all the fools licenses just because they have gotten away with it for years.

Poof instant pros State approves then all inspectors should charge the same because all have the same piece of paper.

If you State does not have licensing ALWAYS fight it with all your might so you can sell yourself based on your experience and what you have done with your life and not a dumb a s s piece of paper.

Just finished an inspection, on the counter was the report from the previous inspection in 06. Check list with written comments. Electrical panel was a Sylvania, missing knockouts, missing a knockout on the bottom, no labels and the front was screwed closed. Checked the other inspection out of curiosity. Not a thing mentioned about the service panel in his report. “Serviceable” was his comment. The seller will be pissed when my clients want it all fixed. Wonder what he charged?

Are you sure the same defects were present 7 years ago?

Well they certainly didn’t install an old Sylvania panel in the last 7 years.