Wonder if I should go get tested after crawling around in this muck. At least get my head tested for going in there.

The cast iron main was in use if you can’t tell from the pictures.

I had a rash (no pun intended) of these this last week. Three on one day. Reports took forever.

I guess we take the good with the bad.

Looks like fun.

Another day in paradise :slight_smile:

I’ve seen worse, toilet paper and all…but I didn’t go in!:wink:

Your health is more important. Never enter a crawlspace with standing water.

Nothing to fool with or take lightly. We lost a very fine man a few years back.


everyone work safe every day!

I agree Barry, don’t care how good one is and how dedicated to you job, nothing is worth entering a wet crawlspace, especially with raw sewage.
It is not worth it.

Take pictures of the evidence from the opening and call it out as such. Entering this space was endangering the life or health of the Inspector.

Fix it!!!

Thanks for reminding us Barry. Doing our job day after day makes it’s easier to take risk and overlook personal safety.