Uncirculated US Mint Silver 1/2 dollar proofs. First 8 to reply win.

Greg, Chuck, Gerry, Michael, Kenneth, Brian, Jeff, W. Michael win.

thanks Nick, thought I was number 9 . . . dah, forgot Nick was the 1st, so 9 minus 8 = 8 . . . Iim finally a winner Carl (he’s over at Last one to Post Thread)

Ray Thoroman, Gainesville GA

Thanks Nick.


Thank you!

huh… darn i’m always a day late and silver dollar short

Bobby Hamilton, Austintown, Ohio

Thank You

Vaughn Hill
1272 josephine ct
Monroe MI 48162

This was finished last December. :wink:

Close, but no cigar!! Or coin…

It is just a taunt. Like a late night commercial. " the first callers" yeah, just a fake joke.

HUH? This occurred during our Christmas party and prizes were given away and this coin was one of several prizes that I won and received.