Under cover sting


What does this say about today’s economy…

Home buyers in Pinellas County should get a Home Inspection especially since it is so difficult to obtain Home Owners Insurance thru citizens insureance Co.

Love it to many do not pay taxes and the rest of us have to pay more for those who cheat the Government.

Nothing…it has been going on for decades. Every so often, one of these sting operations take place. I was part of one in the early 90s for Coral Springs. I called the contractors and promised them work if they could “take care of this job today”.

I wonder if any legit guys showed up and found out it was a waste of their freaking time. I would be beyond pissed and sue them for fraud and my waste of time if there was no job to actually be had.

I do like the fact that they did that I just hope they did it right and only had scumbags come out that they already verified had no license.

The way it was done was the cops already had a list of unlicensed contractors. No legitimate contractors were called. They had a task force that researched complaints, names of companies, etc. It was more of a roundup than a sting.

Then I’am all for it and wish I could be the guy doing it.

My new T.V. career. John “WHO” Quinones

I know I could get them all good. I speak Contractornese :slight_smile:

Hows your healing coming along?

I start therapy in January. Most of the busing is gone, but there is still a lot of pain in the shoulder. Thanks for asking and also to those who have contacted me privately. :smiley:
I did manage to throw a football 15 yards…so I should be ready for the Super Bowl!

How is the foot?

It sucks. A lot of pain when I stand and the blood rushes to it. I see the ortho guy in a few hours.

I did enjoy a nice spaghetti with steak marinara sauce and parm cheese lunch I whipped up in the kitchen. “my wife is donating her time at the school FEEDING THEM LUNCH” She should be surprised as I saved her a nice plate.

Only takes 10 times as long to do anything :frowning: I carry one thing at a time to and from everything but I manage :slight_smile:

The thing that sucks is I cannot crawl in attics like this and this is the wrong time of the year to have NO INCOME coming into the family.

Glad you are on your way to recovery I hope to be right behind you.

See ya at the party :slight_smile: At least I know I can make it.

Merry Christmas.