under crawl space

Came across this today. these rock were supporting the chimmey in the living room. Looks like they have been there for the life of the house (1925). They were not strudy and could easily be moved. Looking for thoughts on this one. Thanks.

650 NE 118 St Miami 057.jpg

650 NE 118 St Miami 058.jpg

You said most of it already.

Just add:

I recommend repairs as needed, by a qualified mason, to maintain structural integrity.


Couldn’t tell from the second pic, was the coating on the conductors torn?
Need to suspend above the soil, also.

Did you observe any knob and tube wiring in that crawl space or in the attic?


It had all been replaced.


The conductors were fine - it it the flash on the camerea that make them look that way.

Better than using logs !



I was just wondering because I often see abandoned K&T in houses of that age.