Underground propane tanks

Do you need a permit to remove an underground propane tank.

Leasing co says no permit needed.

Thanks in advance

Not that I am aware of.
Most tanks in this area are leased.
No contamination hazard if a tank were to leak… Only Explosive hazard… :slight_smile:

Some jurisdictions (like the one I live in) have rules about how far away it can be from a house, a fire truck turnaround, or a fire hydrant/fire mitigation storage tank.

Basically, they don’t want the tank to pose an additional risk to firefighters if they are fighting a house fire.

Found them: http://www.nachi.org/documents/boulder-county-propane-tank-regs.pdf

I had my tanks
installed by Sunoco
many years ago…
A driver about 2 years back
filled the tanks
than rang the doorbell
to inform me
that he would not be able to fill my tanks again as they are improperly installed.

My Question…
“If improperly installed… why did you connect and fill them?”
my next comment was…
“Have your Employer contact me,
as the tanks are leased and are owned and installed by Sunoco”

Lots of backpedalling…

my tanks still in place
being filled…
(even tho install is defective per current code)

Thanx Nick and Joe…that’s why i posted in Fl. Every jurisdiction has their own rules…I think the removal of LPG Underground or above ground storage tanks are exempt from environmental concerns from what I have been able to find via the internet.

LPG storage tank.jpg

Yeah, here in sunny Fl. there are relaxed environmental state regs on this stuff residentially. No testing of soil after removal of oil tanks depending on AHJ for area. No problem with propane tank anywhere as far as I know.