Understanding mold growth, Mycology 101

Due to the many questions I have received and heated debates posted on the forum, I have created a basic experiment to help people understand something about the prevalence of mold in common materials and a little about its growth habit.

Great fear has surrounded exposure to mold. However molds are used deliberately in many foods. This appears to be a dichotomy, but it is not. One group of common molds, called Penicillium, is typically responsible for green colored growths in buildings. Some may fear this but also be surprised that they are commonly used in many foods.

So follow this link to see our mold growth experiment. I apologize in advance because the photos may appear huge in some browsers. I will remedy this ASAP. The experiment is located at: http://iaqforum.net/showthread.php?p=69#post69

Please PM or post if you have any questions or comments.


Jeff Deuitch
Microbiologist and State Certified Residential REA in Florida.
Administrator, the IAQ Forum

That’s pretty cool and interesting.

Thanks for the post Jeff.

That is only one of many reasons I do not eat Blue Cheeses.

I’m off to freak out the chicks at Jenny Craig, LOL


Perhaps we should start taking samples inside refrigerators! :cool: