Unexpected web site traffic increase

I noticed that over the last 3 days, the number of average daily hits on my web site went from 175 to 1,389. Seems that the page getting the most hits is my article entitled “How to keep your basement from flooding, and what do do after it does”.

Then I remembered, Hurricane Sandy.


I also find it interesting that the first hurricane that my Naval Officer daughter, serving on the U.S.S. The Sullivans out of Jacksonville, FL, is the first hurricane whose name is the same as my wife’s.

Life can be so interesting.

Thanks Will. That’s a perfect example on why blogging is SO important!

You need to work on the layout a bit though. The article is pushed way down the screen so I have to scroll to find it.

I use plain layout. Seems like the bits read it better. Nothing fancy, just words and a few pictures.

BTW: I wrote that article a couple of years ago.

Go figure.

Good info, I need to start working on my blog again

Above the fold and below the fold…

How often do you write and article for the blog?

I try to write one every month or so. I also use the articles available from NACHI, re-writing them to match local conditions.

Hope this helps;