Unfamiliar electrical components

Need help with electrical equipment I am unfamiliar with.
As well, a generator enclosure not in use.

I’ve got very little actual helpful information, but I’ll share what I do have in case it helps point a possible direction.

Pretty sure that Klingel is a bell transformer. And an old one at that. My uncle was an engineer and an intense Austrian history buff, and his father was an electrician and plumber. Together they made all kinds of craziness together, so I saw more than a few things like that out in the workshop they had (they made a 3ft tall pair of tesla coils one summer for ‘fun’)

That being said, given the different ages of wiring and boxes, that’s definitely diy for a lot of stuff - but if I were betting, it’s all probably super precise and safe beyond safe (minus of course the cloth, which is doubly weird sitting on top of the NM, and triply given the pvc bracket). Those terminal blocks/punchdowns are impossible to tell anything about without knowing where/what they run to and actually testing the current per run.

You have any other pics of the area? How old was the house? Was there an old built in stereo? Or intercom or alarm system?

So yeah, here’s my ‘help’ - likely diy, Austrian parts mixed in, lots of unidentified low volt stuff.

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Thank you, Sam.

I though it was DIY for monitoring incoming and outgoing V. The V meter, as well as the buss, is wired with modern NMD vinyl conductor sheathing of unknown ampacity has been modernized. Residence is ><1980.
The 2 junction boxes are likely to transfer power once a generator is engaged.
Best regards.

It looks to be HVAC controls of some sort, before PC operated controls. DIY Jonnson Controls etc

You said generator enclosure not in use - I took that to mean that it was just the housing and/or it was otherwise disconnected from the rest of the system. Was that not the case?

I ask because I don’t see anything in those pics that would indicate a transfer switch present at that site. Was there a switch somewhere earlier in that run? Assuming that’s the case, I agree about the junctions, as it would be unlikely to have a generator running anything other than essentials (and that would explain some of the bell and bus setup, as the low volt would likely then get skipped on emer power). Would also explain the meter being present.