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Globe & Mail article on Peter Grant’s Haileybury house

  • for sale for $25 Million (unfinished):

Canada’s largest home hits the market

65,000 sq. ft: The largest house in Canada is in Haileybury, Ont., and
sits on 43 acres of land and can accommodate a golf course and a 40 ft.

It’s bigger than the White House, completely unfinished, and yours for
$25-million. Even Bill Gates wouldn’t feel cramped in this Haileybury,
Ont. home …

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The building includes a boat house big enough for a 40-foot yacht, two elevators, an indoor pool, a giant hot tub and 30-foot fireplaces in the master bedroom and living room.
There’s an exercise room the size of a small gym. Plumbing has also been installed on the grounds for a few golf holes.
But buyer beware: The house is far from finished. There’s no flooring, no finished bathrooms and few wall coverings. “Any buyer who would be really, truly interested in a property like this has to have their own architect and their own engineer come up with them,” Mr. Wilson said. He estimated it will cost at least $1-million to finish the place.
The property was once the dream project of Peter Grant, a forest products titan from nearby Englehart. He planned to use the building as a residence and corporate office for his family-owned business, Grant Forest Products Inc.

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The house sits on 40 acres of land along the shores of Lake Temiskaming and it is believed to be the largest home in Canada


65.000 sq feet!!..what are the annual taxes on this baby?

If you have to ask then you can not afford it .

Holy Crap!

Looks like a shopping mall. Ugly. It won’t sell anytime soon.

It’s SOLD!

Be a neighbour .
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