Unforseen inspection hazards

Went out to my Jeep the other day to grab my thermal imaging equipment. Found this:


That must of done a number on that hood. LOL

No harm done. It’s a Jeep.

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That’s b-a-a-a-a-d!!


Where are you located, I see snow? Fill in your profile. Nice jeep, to bad to see it dented prematurely, but funny to see the goat on there. LOL

When I was a carpenter, we had a small farm on the Ventura River in Ventura, CA. I forget the reason but I had to take the Pluto the goat to work with me one day on a job that required driving through Las Angeles. I was worried about the goat jumping out (very nervous nanny goat) so I tied her to the hasp of the lock of my tool box, which was mounted across the bed, right behind the cab, as typical. After work, driving through heavy LA traffic, I began to notice that people passing me on the left at 20 mph were giving me wide-eyed, confused, worried looks. Finally I looked back at Pluto.

She was scared and decided to turn away from driver’s side traffic and hide her head under the tool box. All that stuck up above the side of the truck bed was her butt, tail sticking straight up. To those passing by on that side it looked like some kind of deformed, hairy cyclops with one red eye and one ear located right in the middle of the top of its head. These were city people with absolutely no idea what that was except that it was alive and moving.

I laughed all the way home.


That’s a great story Kenton. I can picture it.

To bad you didn’t get the video of him making the leap up there.

He looks friendly and to be someone’s pet.

That’s a funny story and with a goat, just about anything can happen. One of our goats blindsided my wife Sunday and gave her a black eye. She said she is going to tell everyone I did it because no one will believe the goat did it.

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Did she get head-butted by a ram, Lon?

Kids these days… :goat:

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Yeah, he’s a billy. He was just being exuberant. It wasn’t the kind of collision he and the other billy enjoy in their daily jousts. He’s a big boy and the amount of destruction he has done in our pen and stable is impressive. But my wife loves him so that settles it. I’ve spent well over a thousand bucks repairing fencing and other damage that he has done. All our animals are rescues. Rescue sheep, llamas, horse, and goats. And my wife goes out there daily to treat them. I don’t want to tell you what treats cost us a year…sigh.