Ungrounded outlets-Insurnace?

Im not a Florida Inspector, but I am posing a question specifically to you guys.

I just finished an inspection of a 60’s house, most of which is un-grounded branch circuits. Client is from Florida, and he made the comment that His insurance checks the outlets for grounding conductors, and he presumed that this house would be checked as well. I have never heard of this as a requirement for any insurance agency. Around here even Knob and tube is “insurable” if it is deemed safe.

Does Florida require all outlets be grounded? Is this an insurance stipulation? Does this exist at all?

Sounds like BS.

Not as far as I know. I do not check outlets for grounding in a 4 point inspection.

Florida only requires a main ground.

When he mentioned grounding conductor are you sure he wasn’t talking about the GC at the meter/ disconnect box? The main grounding conductor being in place and connected is a part of the 4-point insurance report.

It is possible he misunderstood. The guy is knowledgeable, having sold a lifetime of commercial generator equipment.

2 wire 2 prong is not a problem with Florida insurance. If a 2 wire system has any 3 prong outlets they will need to be switched back to 2 prong or a GFCI can be installed at the beginning of each circuit and all down stream outlets labeled with a " no equipment ground " sticker.
They will require GFCIs at kitchen and bath at a minimum.
I have seen this several times and the above was an acceptable repair.
Of course the rules change daily.

Our 4 Points require confirmation of grounding at the main. Almost any situation is insurable, AT A PRICE. Different underwriters may find fault with certain issues and the number of companies willing to insure the property is reduced.

Unfortunately, the insurance guidelines in Florida can and do change, or are interputed differently. No telling what your client was told or why.