Ungrounded receptacles

Inspected a 20yr home last week where most receptacles were ungrounded. Took off cover plates and the “installer” cut the ground wire instead of attaching to ground screw. Bank wanted repairs made and I re-inspected today. Receptacles were testing “grounded”. Took off covers and they attached a wire from the neutral “silver” screw to the ground screw. It doesn’t technically seem “ok”. What if someone somebody crosses the wires on another receptacle? It should “short out” right? Any input would be appreciated.

This is a false or Boot leg ground Not allowed.


They did not make “Repairs” they attempted to trick You with a boot leg ground.
This is wrong and worse than the way it was in the begining…

Check out the thread I started earlier titled “Bootleg Ground” in the members only section, it’s related to your thread.

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Thanks! You guys are awesome!

The idiot made the situation potentially deadly or at least much worse than it already was.

Agreed with all of the above. This is very dangerous; I would hope that a licensed electrician didn’t do the work…

That’s just weird in the first place.
How much effort does it take to attach the ground wire to the ground screw. Crazy.