Ungrounded romex w/plastic jacket.

Every now and again, the “rules of thumb” go out the window. Here’s a couple of pics of plastic jacketed romex with no ground. Just a bundle of tightly twisted brown interleaving paper where the ground normally is. Not even a reduced size ground in the middle of that paper. I wonder during what years this was produced?

Probably in the early 70’s marc…or late 60’s as they started producing NM-B which had the 90 Degree rated insulation towards the end of the 70’s so my guess is pre-1972 possibly.

Ran into this yesterday actually…whole house had receptacles replaced with 3 prong plugs…and no ground present in the whole house…yet they LOVED them 3 prong plugs everywhere…:slight_smile:

But I got them straight…and as usual explained their options…:wink:

Good guess Paul, I pulled a whole lot of that wire in the late 60’s and early 70’s when wiring houses. Loved it, it was so flexible and easy to handle. Ken :slight_smile: