Ungrounded washing machine receptacle

Is it acceptable to replace a 2-prong (2-wire system) receptacle with a non-grounded GFCI for a washing machine?

Or does a grounding conductor need to be installed?

This is at a remodel with new service panel/original 2-wire system; the receptacle presently installed for WM is 2-prong.

The appliance will likely require a grounding conductor but most with this type of installation run a separate wire from the frame of the appliance to the metal water pipes.

Thanks Steve. I didn’t feel a GFCI would be adequate.

Surprised Illinois didn’t require the appliance grounds when the panel was updated. Perhaps a call to the AHJ is in order.

I think we have the same opinion regarding GFCI protection and equipment ground protection.

I found this threadearlier. Cameron posted a Whirlpool Washer Installation Instruction at post #51.


“This washer is equipped with a power supply cord having a 3 prong grounding plug.”

"To minimize possible shock hazard, the cord **must be plugged into a **mating, 3 prong, grounding-type outlet.

Note: The house I inspected had neither (GFCI or grounded rec). Just a 2-prong outlet.

What is the original wiring method?

2-wire system, with recently installed/updated service entrance equipment and service panel.

So the cable was NM cable without an EGC?