Unidetified plumbing in crawl

Besides the flooring joist being cut. I dont know what this pipe is? The home is 50 plus years old. The pipe appers to be a vent of some sort with what I think might be asbestos.

In addition I wanted to get others opinions on lack of insulation of under the floor. Besides it being not energy efficient.


Did you go back upstairs and look for the source?
If you didn’t, we sure can’t see it in the picture! Try turning on all ac fans and vents before you go to the attic and crawlspace so you can identify active vents that are improperly terminated.

You can’t analize asbestos visually. Does your state SOP not exclude this in you Home Inspection Report?

Insulation is not required in the floor in southern climates. Just note it in the report.

Looks like an old floor furnace flue to me. Does it look like a floor furnace may have been removed?

That would explain the asbestos type insulation!

The inside of the pipe is awful clean though.

David only vent in home was for old range hood which vented in the attic. No other vents. I dont report asbsestos but recommend it furher be evaluated for possible asbestos. I thought it was to clean for an old funace vent that the unit may have been removed.

I think mike might be on to something.

Dryer vent.

That tube looks like transite which has some asbestos in it. You should note it and defer the actual determination to a testing lab.

I also suspect a long gone floor furnace. Because ofthe age of the house, I would also suspect asbestos. BUT not definate. Put it in the report.

is there a fireplace or woodstove above it. could it be for the air intake

No fire place or wood stove. I think what ever it is its long gone.

I see that type of duct and insulation (almost 100% chance it contains asbestos) in my area quite regularly. Looks like the remnants of a forced air heating duct.