Unique Foundation Crack

Today’s structural inspection revealed a unique situation where the garage foundation, which was poured with the basement foundation settled. The settlement acted like a big lever arm and torqued the basement wall creating a 1/4" offset in the basement wall at the top. Note there was already a shrinkage crack at this location, so the basement wall was already cracked all the way through. The soil between the sidewalk and the garage is a poorly drained area, which accelerated the settlement of the garage foundation. The attached graphic depicts the rotation of the garage foundation which pulled the foundation in towards the garage. At first glance, it appears the basement wall was pushing in on the right side of the crack, but in reality, the left side was pulled back.
You can’t see it in the photo, but there was a small horizontal crack at the point of rotation.



Thanks Randy. I think most everyone who reads this forum appreciates the education that you provide for us