Unique home service

This about as ancillary as it gets. I’m disclaiming this one, but I will pass it on…

Amy Lee Bayless
P. O. Box 1431, Nederland, CO
(303) 258-9326


On-site visits not required, work performed anywhere in North America.

Ms. Bayless has served in the following capacities:
-Nederland Police Commissioner
-Nederland Public Safety Commissioner
-Administrator, Nederland Fire Dept.
-Member, Nederland Board of Trusties

I’ve had some interesting - no, fascinating - experiences in this field.

I’ll keep her number.

I mean, who you gonna call?


Hey…don’t laugh…


One of the local newspapers publishes a “Southern Colorado Living” section on Fridays. It’s mainly an advertising supplement for real estate, but they do have some light-weight articles in it, too. Anyway, last week there was an article about a psychic home inspector, from Littleton, Colorado. She calls herself a “holistic home inspector,” but from the article it sounds like she looks for mold, then tries to “clear” the house of dead spirits. (I’m trying to figure out the connection between mold and dead spirits :slight_smile: .) The article includes a lot more of what I would call nonsense.

I’m tempted to write a rebuttal article of some kind. I want to point out that there are more concrete things to inspect than “dead spirits.” And I want to steer people’s opinions on home inspections toward something more professional.

Mike, I’m glad to see that your organization doesn’t limit itself to ghosts in the US only. Did you have to receive training? Pass a test? Do you have to do continuing ed for that? Can you get dual use out of your inspection equipment? Too bad ghosts aren’t moist or don’t give off combustible gas (like when they were alive), eh? -Kent

Here’s everything you need to know: http://www.ghostweb.com/



Ok David
Where did you get the animation of Dick Dastardly’s dog?

It is part of the Smiley Xtra 4 “extension” for Firefox.



Awesome Mike

Well since you brought it up…

About 7 months ago my wife and I were in the market for our next flip house. A realtor friend (:ack: yes I admit to having 2 personal friends who are also realtors) called to give us the address of a house that was going to hit the MLS the next day. We drove to check it out a couple of hours later. There was no sign out yet but my friend had told me the back door was unlocked. We first walked the outside of the home and waved to a neighbor along the way. The home was a dump, probally a tear down. Pier & Beam, 2000 sq feet. There was a tree through the roof in a back room. Real bad shape. We entered the home. It was DIRTY. Looks like someone had smoked a pack a day for 40 years. The once white walls were yellow from the nicotine. As we walked into the living room there was a very nice fireplace with a big mirror above with lots of nice wood work. We looked at the fireplace and mirror for a 3 - 4 minutes admiring it. We then continued further in to the home the whole way commenting how bad it was and how much work it needed. We both paused for a second because we heard a noise towards the front of the home. I figured it was the neighbor we waved to coming to see what we were doing. I called out Hello but there was no answear. We started making our way out. As my wife walked out the hall in to the living room with the fireplace she looked over her left shoulder towards the mirror and muttered “Oh my God.” I was 2 steps behind her and looked to the left my self. In the dust in the mirror was written “GO AWAY.” Two inches to the right you could see where 3 fingers had been held to the mirror and dragged down a few inched. Needless to say at that point we went away and did it fast. We jumped in my truck and caught our breath. I am positive that there was nothing written on the mirror when we entered the home. I am positive the knowone else entered the house and wrote on the mirror while we were there. I am positive neither my wife or I wrote it…

Peter, that’s the kind of home you can often get dirt cheap!

I spent 6 years with Amy and I’ve heard some real, real wierd stories. Always told in minute detail and hard to discount coming from her, and I heard them from people who came to her for help. Some of them I knew, but had never heard their stories because they were hesitant to tell anyone. Pictures flipping off walls all the way around the rom while the whole famly watched. Loud growling from out of the computer. Uncle Mike’s ghost slippiing into bed with attractive female overnight guests. Aunt Tilly’s ghost , in the middle of the night, standing next to the bed, beating on a pot with a spoon and screaming.

I’ve never had an experience like yours, and neither had these people. It’s a crazy world. Amy has never failed on one of her “missions”.


(I’m trying to figure out the connection between mold and dead spirits :smile: .)

That’s all that’s left of their bodies . . .